Our CEO, Mr. Prasoon Pal is one among “The 10 Most Futuristic Business Leaders Pioneering Innovation, 2020”

Prasoon, CEO of Taskar- India’s 1st healthcare mall said in a recent interview. He further adds, ‘We are getting enquiries even from doctors practicing abroad particularly those in the Gulf nations – who intend to open Taskar healthcare mall in India’.

Our CEO, Mr. Prasoon Pal is one among “The 10 Most Futuristic Business Leaders Pioneering Innovation,  2020”

COVID-19 pandemic crisis has indeed resulted in catastrophic events on a colossal scale globally. While millions of people across the globe were laid off from jobs, on the contrary, a few of the budding entrepreneurs managed to uplift the morale of the those in despair by generating employment opportunities, and of the exasperated investors.

Recently, the charismatic Indian millennial Mr. Prasoon Pal, CEO of Taskar Group, introduced India’s first healthcare mall in the country – A healthcare galleria that encompasses all the premiere medical, dental, wellness products and other medical services. The appeal of a healthcare mall is that it creates a one-stop shop for outpatient visits, dental services, primary care, pharmacy, physical therapy, government services, and other health care needs.

We are creating a super center for basic healthcare services at nearest possible locations at very affordable prices.

Prasoon, CEO of Taskar- India’s 1st healthcare mall said in a recent interview. He further adds, ‘We are getting enquiries even from doctors practicing abroad particularly those in the Gulf nations – who intend to open Taskar healthcare mall in India’.

Amidst the pandemic under the leadership of Mr. Pal, the Taskar Group has successfully kick started their operations for the ‘Taskar – India’s 1st healthcare mall’, and it is expected that its franchise will be expanded soon throughout the nation as well. With approximately more than 60 collaborations and 300 prospects with some of the major medical brands the first center of the Taskar Healthcare mall will be inaugurated in Lucknow. Prasoon has ensured the inclusion of diversity in the workforce, and has implemented the flexibility of work from home module considering the need of the hour due to the pandemic crisis.

The aim of the project is to revolutionize the contemporary medical market, and the consumer behavior pattern towards the medical industry. The Taskar Healthcare mall will certainly rejuvenate the stale store to store walk in and will introduce a colossal range of wellness healthcare services and products to the customers. Thus, by bridging the gap between the clients and the product the project is bound to be successful.

In a recent interview the young CEO Mr. Pal stated that, ‘One entire floor in the facility is earmarked to accommodate allied medical services where medical colleges, hospitals, ayurvedic centers and medical insurance companies can set up centers for public information. Even other hospitals can open up a kiosk here, to inform the general public about the facilities and services available in their respective hospitals. Live consultation rooms, run directly by super specialty doctors make up the unique strength of Taskar healthcare mall’.

The business model has specifically been designed in such a way that those associated, interested and the potential investors can be rest assured regarding the profitably of this project.

Through Taskar, Prasoon aims at dissolving the existing mechanism of the middlemen such as (CFA/Distributers/Stockist) in the pharma industry, hence, it is a lucrative deal for the potential franchise owners to secure the profits without any deductions. Thus, Taskar will also deliver the products to their franchise outlets directly from the manufacturing units.

Total 18+ health segments, 78+ product categories, 400+ International, Indian Brands & 7,000 + Product range (SKU’s) will be sold at “Taskar –India’s 1sthealthcare mall” with average profit margin of 30% to franchise owner & Upto 80% to customer.

Regarding his new project, ‘Taskar Mall- India’s first healthcare mall’, Mr. Prasoon Pal said that, ‘The healthcare mall concept comes at a time when the Country’s healthcare landscape is slowly shifting from conventional, basic hospitals to more cozy locations. And as the concept of care changes, ‘so does the need to take better care of ourselves, we are here, with literally every healthcare product and service’. He further says, ‘The Taskar – India’s 1st healthcare mall also brings together leading diagnostic center, scan unit, health food units, pharmacy, Organic products, wellness products, pet products, optical products, dental products, skin care products, etc. together’.

Mr. Prasoon Pal hails from Lucknow, India, a former hotelier who started his entrepreneurial journey by starting his fine dine luxury restaurant at Lucknow. His first failure at Capital Kitchen, although he does not consider it a failure because he says, sometimes you have to leave good for best! Lessons of first venture made him aggressive to venture in the field of tech advertising in 2016 through the ‘Ofo World’– an adtech start- up , that was primarily built for the small scale business owners to promote, advertise their brand and products.

However, in order to recover from the considerable losses that he endured from the advertising business, despite the low availability of capital, Prasoon continued accelerating his entrepreneurial ambitions by diving into a multi- billion-dollar healthcare industry in 2017.He started the, ‘Turnkey Projects’ & ‘Quality Accreditation’, for hospitals, medical colleges, diagnostic labs etc. Under this project, the healthcare projects are specifically designed by the Taskar group, and is sold to its respective buyer.

The turnkey projects turned out to be a massive success for Prasoon and that ensured good revenues.

Along with, the ‘Turnkey Projects’, Taskar group has also invested extensively in improving the medical infrastructure of the country- such as architecture, construction of various hospitals, medical services, and medical institutes in states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Delhi NCR and Madhya Pradesh etc.

Through the capital that has been generated from the ‘Turnkey projects’, Prasoon resumed the Ofo World Operations.“Ofo World targets all MSMEs in India. Everyone needs advertising and marketing. So, we provide space on the Ofo World platform for MSMEs to promote their business & products,” Prasoon says.

Opportunities at “TASKAR – India’s 1st healthcare mall”:

The global effect of the corona virus pandemic (COVID-19) continues to worsen daily affecting people and businesses around the world. We realize that the past months have been very difficult for all of us. Many of us have made the critical decision to slow down or suspend operations.

As per the World Health Organization (WHO) – more than a billion people globally do not have timely access to healthcare. Due to the colossal increase in the demand for the access to medicines, efficient healthcare facilities, the policy makers worldwide are pressurized to seek a cost-effective business model to combat the challenge. As a consequence, the provision for telemedicine, generic medicines, ayurvedic medicines, wellness products, organic products with surgical supplies and a doctor & a dietician will now be possible under one roof healthcare facility – a healthcare mall at your nearest location. The Healthcare industry is considered as one of the essential services in the nation, due to which regardless of any existing or catastrophic situations in future, one can be rest assured that investing in the medical industry will certainly yield revenue to the investor.

Now as the world navigates the uncertainty of COVID-19, you can count on TASKAR to start this very same concept in your city/ area, With a strong management team in place and ready to rock business model we are here to help you and as this business falls into the category of essential business, we ensure 10X growth without any loss! “Taskar- India’s 1st healthcare mall” invites every individual, investor, failed businessman, unemployed wantrepreneur to join us and become a partner of a revolutionary life-changing business. It’s an exciting opportunity to become Taskarpreneur” – Prasoon, CEO of Taskar- India’s 1st healthcare mall said in a recent interview.

Business goal of Taskar India's 1st Healthcare Mall

With 100’s of Taskarpreneurs & 1,000+ associate partners “Taskar” will open one thousand one hundred twenty five (1,125) Malls in first phase of 6 months across India on franchise basis. In second phase company is targeting all tier-1,2,3 of India with Mall count of 9,960 on or prior to 31st Dec-2025

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