6 Valuable Benefits of Online Doctor Consultations

Discover the advantages of virtual healthcare visits – from time savings to personalized care. Dive into the world of online doctor consultations today!

6 Valuable Benefits of Online Doctor Consultations

6 Valuable Benefits of Online Doctor Consultations


The world of healthcare is evolving, and one significant transformation is the rise of online doctor consultations.

In India, teleconsultation surged from $26 million to $163 million by March 2021, revealed a Praxis Global Alliance study. It's set to further grow by 72% to $836 million by March 2024.

In this article, we'll delve into the advantages of online doctor consultations and guide you through the process to help you make informed decisions about your health.

Benefits of Online Doctor Consultation

Cost Savings

Every rupee counts, and online doctor consultations help you save on travel expenses that come with traditional visits. 

Instead of spending money on transportation, you can use that for your well-being. It's about practicality and being smart with your resources.

Time Savings

Booking online consultations is as easy as a click – no need to step out. And guess what? Brands like Taskar can even bring your medicines to your doorstep and collect lab samples from your home. That's more time saved for you!


Healthcare shouldn't be limited by your location. Online consultations break those boundaries, connecting you with quality doctors regardless of where you live. 

It's especially beneficial for those living far from city centers or facing physical disabilities challenges in getting around. 

Healthcare comes to your doorstep.

Safe and Secure

Your privacy is a priority during online doctor consultations. Your personal info stays safe with strict rules.

The 1996 HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) is followed by online doctors, ensuring your medical details are super secure. 

Feel free to discuss your health without worries – it's private and safe. (Remember to check the platform's credibility too.)


Life doesn't always adhere to a schedule.Online consultations understand that. 

You get to choose appointment times that suit you, even if it's outside regular office hours. It's healthcare on your terms.                                   


Follow-up Made Easy

Remembering past medical details during follow-up visits can be challenging.Online platforms maintain your health records securely.

This means you and your doctor are always on the same page, leading to more effective care.

What to Consider in an Online Doctor Consultation: 

  • Credibility: Look for platforms with reputable doctors and positive user reviews. 
  • Privacy: Ensure the platform values your privacy and follows established regulations. Information 
  • Sharing: Provide accurate medical history to get the best advice tailored to your needs.

How to Access Online Doctor Consultations with Taskar:

Explore Available Doctors: Start by visiting  the Taskar Mall – it's your gateway to accessible healthcare.

Explore Available Doctors: Browse through a selection of experienced doctors to find the one that suits your requirements.

Book a Consultation: Choose a time that works for you. Booking is hassle-free and quick. Congratulations! You've taken a step towards simplified, convenient, and affordable healthcare.


Now you know all about the good things that come with talking to a doctor online.You get a bunch of benefits – saving time, money, and convenience.

Guess what? You can join Taskar for only Rs.1 per day and consult with a doctor anytime 24x7. Plus, you'll get various benefits like Big discounts on medicine, Free advice from dietitian, cheap diagnostics services and much more.

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